Help FAQs

How can I signup for an account?

 To apply as a member please go to the Contact button, email us on : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Fill in the appropriate form.

You will be given full instructions on what to add and how to do it from the Editor. Your services must fit our guidelines. You MUST read all the legal disclaimer documents, all of which are listed at the foot of the HOME page. Your listing falls under these legal guidelines, therefore, please be aware of your legal requirements.

What determines which listings appear as Featured Listings?

Only Featured Listings appear as Featured Listings, and they are included with the purchase price of a Featured Listing. They are then randomly rotated on the pages through the site.

Your Listing is yours. You can request additional information and edits be undertaken, and of course, you can request your listing be deleted at any time. FYP/Circle of Stones can and will remove listings that fall outside our guidelines, have illegal content, harrass another person, or generally do not fit in with out guidelines. Again feel free to contact us for further clairity, AND please read our legal disclaimer section.

Write a lovely and lively listing

Make your listing SIMPLE and easy to read. Include a photo of yourself. People can relate more to a person's face rather than just information. Use both your names as you come across as a professional. Update and change your listing information often. FindYourPsychic is generally a first stop place where a client can find you. Tempt them to go forward to contact you directly by putting a special offer/gift on your listing.


Ensure that you copyright lengthy articles and images correctly. Use low dpi jpgs images so they end up being very blurry shots if someone tries to increase their size. If you have put out information on the internet, in any way, including facebook or your personal site, anyone can use it. The Internet is basically nothing but a big listing.

Computer Jargon

A directory like is invaluable especially when you also list elsewhere. When your name appears frequently on many other reputable sites, such as this one, you will get more and more hits.

hits vs Email contact

The term "Hits" simply means that someone has clicked on your name/info listed here, and then read it. This adds to your public profile. The more hits you receive the higher your profile. It is similar to receiving lots of 'likes' on facebook. FaceBook and Googlepages are also valuable means to getting your name out there too and you can link them to your FindYourPsychic listing. Google has little search pixies that go through all sites seeking words/phrases for their search engines. Ensure you have key words and meta data up high on listing.

Sadly some "not too bright" phoney psychics have claimed that members in our site "steal" their email contacts. This is not only stupid but also impossible. A hit does not mean a person will contact you; it simply means someone has read your materials. Genuine psychics trust that spirit takes care of such minor details, so if you hear of a psychic making these outrageous claims.. know they are not genuine!!! Yet another benefit of Find Your Psychic / Circle of Stones eZine!!! (we love to please.. and give phoneys the irrits!!!)

Feel free to contact us at any time.. via the email address of : info@findyourpsychic