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CIRCLE OF STONES/Find Your Psychic was created by me, Lesley Crossingham, to support and encourage talented psychics, clairvoyants, mediums, healers and spiritual teachers who offer their services to others.  Our website is not about competition or special cliques/clubs. Instead, we are all about the open exchange of ideas, information and psychic gifts.

Our logo is one of unity. It is called the triqueta symbol and it predates Christianity. It was a Celtic symbol of the Goddess, and well as the god Odin.  It is enclosed within a circle to emphasize the unity of the family. It is Celtic in origin but contains the trinity of mind, body and spirit all united in the circle of endless oneness. The endeavour of this website is to offer a platform for Lightworkers who want to unit to manifest love, light and power into our often troubled world.

I am part of a team of web-designers, artists, editors and writers, many of whom are volunteers, who have joined together for this endeavour. Our goal is to support the services/talents of gifted psychics, clairvoyants, healers and teachers who work, often quietly, behind the scenes, to bring light, wisdom and understanding to others. Many hard working psychic readers, healers and teachers cannot afford a website, or be able to hire the services of a fancy PR team, or even buy an ad in the local paper. They may only work part-time and offer their services to just a few people in their community or at their local church, but I believe it is these psychic counsellors, healers, spiritual teachers who really make a difference in the world!

We live in difficult and spiritually challenging times. Many people have no one to turn to for advice and guidance. Finding the right person, who lives close to your location and has the sensitivity to provide genuine spiritual guidance, can be challenging, particularly because so many sensitives are not good at self-promotion. Many of the best psychics, with incredible abilities, live humble and quiet lives. I cannot tell you how many of them “forget” to make business cards or feel all “at sea” on the internet. It is precisely these people that Find Your Psychic.com/Circle of Stones endeavours to assist because they are the “salt of the earth” folks that will help you the most.



Anti-Cyber troll / Internet zombie Code: Sadly many alleged spiritual workers engage in the repulsive and negative act of verbally attacking others on the internet.

We have a strict "no Troll" policy which ensures that any listee or contributor is immediately removed from our site and these pages, should they contravene this code of conduct. There is no negotiation on this. If you discover someone listed here, either as a listee or a contributor of any kind, engaged in this kind of activity, please contact us immediately!



Please enjoy browsing this site. It will cost you nothing to contact any of the people listed here. Find Your Psychic.com/Circle of Stones does not receive a contact fee from any of the people listed. We have no “special” agreements to promote one person over another. We try to be fair and unbiased in all cases. We are always happy to receive feedback of any kind, so please feel free to send us testimonials. Please read the disclaimers printed elsewhere on the site along with an article on how to select the psychic for you. The key is to ALWAYS trust your intuition and you will always find the right person at the right time! Never assume that because someone claims to be a psychic, that they are. In the end, you are the only person living your life, so take responsibility for that and know that you will find the right guide for you life! Feel free to contact us at any time!

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