02 Feb
Moving smoothly!
Written by Amanda Hall |
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roseline 0222Moving home is one of the top stressful time of your life together with grieving, divorce and losing one’s job. You get out of our comfort zone, of routines, of habits. Moving house can be daunting so I prepared a Feng Shui check list to make your move as smooth as possible.  



Before the Move 


First thing is first. You must be prepared to move. Look through all your draws…how much have you accumulated since your last move? Out of all of that, what is ACTUALLY necessary and/or useful? 


Empty, sell or remove every non-essential item that has been collected over time. This will help with your move exponentially. You will have fewer boxes to move and everything will be easier to find when unpacking. The phrase: “less is more” comes to mind. The less you have to move, the more time you will spend enjoying your new home once you finish moving in. Ideally, moving house should only take one full day; any longer means that you might be dealing with more belongings than necessary. 



You know that you are soon to move and don’t know where yet. 

Prepare a list with the 10 major points that you wish to find in your next home for example: 

* Size :   a studio, 1 BDR unit, 4 BDR home, share accommodation, etc. 

* Ads-ons:  shed, garage, carport, car park etc. 

* Site:   preferred suburb or area 

* Specifications:  modern, clean, tastefully furnished or unfurnished 

* Environment:  close to shops, schools, airport, etc. 

* Neighbours:  quiet, young, old, like-minded people etc. 

* Rental:   length of your lease (6, 12 months or other) 

* Purchase:  bracket of the amount you are ready to invest 

* Payments: weekly rental or weekly mortgage repayment 

* Other details: other specific points that are important to you 


A new home is a new start in your life, a new you!  This change is your chance to improve your life!  



Your previous Place 

A clear cut with your previous (actual) home is important. You de-cluttered and have chosen the items that you still wish to surround yourself in your new place. This is the best timing to get rid of undesired objects, faced old paintings and broken items to be able to start anew. 


Be in gratitude for all that home brought to you, a comfortable place to spend time, to grow wiser and happier (hopefully) through all the ups and downs in life. Wish her lovely new tenants or owners. 



Your new Place 

You choose your new place from its first impression, ideally because you fell in love with it, you felt welcome you liked the location too. In other words, you feel that this new environment with the room shapes, windows and views suits your life today. 


Sometimes this new place has smaller rooms and your furniture won’t fit. Don’t cramp them; instead organise a garage sale, put them on EBay, Gumtree or other appropriate websites where sell bulky items and pieces that won’t fit. A new home often demands more changes that we initially thought. 



Energy Clearing Ritual 

In an ideal world, clean, wash and cleanse the energies of all belongings you are about to move to your new place. Once everything is about to be loaded in the removalist truck, clear with your favourite ritual.  


For example: protect yourself then smoke with white sage or incense. Alternatively, play Jaroslav Kovaricek FENG SHUI ACOUSTIC CD especially composed to clear and harmonise space. This CD is available for purchase on my website www.fengshuisteps.com under the page “Books & Products”. With the music CD, it is easy, fast and nobody would question what you are doing. 


In your new place, before anything gets unloaded, clear the energies of the previous tenants or owners as explained here above. 


The Move 

The first room to prepare is your bedroom; after a good day of physical and emotional changes, making your bed with fresh linen will get you a good night sleep. 



Happy Feng Shui Move! 



Roseline Deleu International Feng Shui Master & best-selling Author  

www.fengshuisteps.com (+61) 0412 717 454 



Amanda Hall

Amanda is a Tarot Expert/Master - Clairvoyant- Astrologer- Author who started reading the tarot when she was very young. Amanda designed a tarot course for the general public in  the early 1980's and was the first lecturer to teach a Higher Education Tarot Course at the Gold Coast Tafe College in 1992.


Amanda is the winner of this year's

Psychic of the Year for Australia 2019!


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She has also taught by correspondence for over 30 years. Amanda spent three years touring Australia with one of the country's largest exhibition companies, offering readings, lecturing and conducting workshops in the psychic arena, also staging her own Psychic expos and events. Her work included television interviews, talk back radio and regular newspaper and magazine columns.  In 2013 Amanda was inducted into the "Australian Psychic Hall of Fame" for her dedication to the industry spanning over 35 years by her piers and colleges.


Please contact Amanda through her website ..


Amanda Hall