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Tarot wisdom
Written by Amanda Hall |
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 amandatarot 002Tarot is most recognized forms of fortune-telling in today's world, used often for quick and informative answers. Tarot Cards have a colourful history, and everybody has a different story to share about where, why and how they originated. This is part of many countries colourful history and folklore. The Romany Gypsy’s have played a major role in the traditions and meanings of the of the Tarot cards being passed down through the generations. No matter what the truth is tarot is here to stay. This can be a positive and uplifting experience for the person receiving the reading. Tarot has seen many changes through the centuries, like fashion. They will continue to evolve and move with the changing times.


Tarot Card design has changed over the centuries from 22 Pewter plates used in Persia around the 14th century to make decision for their nations. Like when to plant crops! When to go to war! Many years latter the 56 remaining cards were added and the birth of Minor Arcana. They are now form the basis of the ordinary playing deck we use today world wide. Over time they were transformed into paper/cards to be shared by the masses.  They quickly became a parlor game for fun and frivolity. 


Steeped in History, Tarot still fascinates the serious student as a subject being studied and explored by many groups and individuals around the world. This has resulted in many different interpretations and the design of many unique tarot decks in the market place.  The concept of the original complete Tarot deck has not changed All decks have 78 Tarot Cards divided into two sections. The Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the deck. Then the remaining 56 cards, called the Minor Arcana are divided into four suits. The most common suits used are Cups (hearts), Wands (diamonds), Swords (spades) and Pentacles (clubs). 

There are so many traditions and myths that add to the mystic of the Tarot Cards and reading them. Let us explore just a few. 

  • You cannot buy your own Tarot Cards. 

  • Gift given to you by a Gypsy with love, luck and wisdom as her chosen one. 

  • Never let another person touch your tarot cards. 

  • Tarot cards must always be wrapped in a purple silk scarf. 

  • Then they must be kept in a wooden carved box, for safekeeping. 

  • Tarot reading should always be performed on a wooden table. 

  • Candle burning brightly to ward of evil spirits.

  • Incense burning connects you to the nature spirits.

  • No reversed meaning of tarot cards

  •  Receive a reading from a Gypsy and cross their palm with silver for luck. 

  • Gypsy’s never reads on a Sunday 



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Amanda Hall

Amanda is a Tarot Expert/Master - Clairvoyant- Astrologer- Author who started reading the tarot when she was very young. Amanda designed a tarot course for the general public in  the early 1980's and was the first lecturer to teach a Higher Education Tarot Course at the Gold Coast Tafe College in 1992.


Amanda is the winner of this year's

Psychic of the Year for Australia 2019!


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She has also taught by correspondence for over 30 years. Amanda spent three years touring Australia with one of the country's largest exhibition companies, offering readings, lecturing and conducting workshops in the psychic arena, also staging her own Psychic expos and events. Her work included television interviews, talk back radio and regular newspaper and magazine columns.  In 2013 Amanda was inducted into the "Australian Psychic Hall of Fame" for her dedication to the industry spanning over 35 years by her piers and colleges.


Please contact Amanda through her website ..


Amanda Hall