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Soul-Mate Search
Written by Amira Celon |
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11soulmates2Have you met your soulmate yet? ......You may be looking high and low, yet you still can’t find that elusive partner. Wonder why he or she hasn’t materialized? Here are some possible reasons why that “one and only” hasn’t surfaced from among all those fish in the sea.


 You (or Your Soulmate) Might Not Be Ready


Ask people if they’re ready to meet their soulmate and you’ll usually hear a resounding “Yes!” However, when you look a little more closely, a few typical patterns emerge.


For one, most people don’t realize that being with a soulmate is actually hard work. Your “one and only” will challenge you in ways that you can’t even imagine, and together you will encounter some of the most soul stretching experiences imaginable. That’s a positive boon for your soul’s growth, but it’s definitely not all wine and roses.


Another misconception is that your soulmate will complete you, filling in the pieces of yourself that are missing. All you have to do is simply find him or her. That’s not exactly it either. Generally your soulmate won’t show up until you are ready, and that means be as “self-complete” as possible. And even if you are ready and in the right frame mind, that doesn’t guarantee your soulmate will be ready. Sometimes soulmates don’t reach the same level of readiness or spiritual growth, and sadly, some get lost along the way.


Your Soulmate May Not Be Here


It’s quite possible that your soulmate didn’t incarnate this time around. Not all soulmates agree to enter the earthly plane during the same period. If that’s the case, it’s likely that your beloved told you this while you were both on the other side. Usually we make soul contracts with those all important people before we embark on our earthly adventure. So that could mean agreeing or not agreeing to come to the planet together.


If your soulmate did decide to sit this one out, don’t despair. He or she is probably coaching you and cheering you on from the other side.


There’s Karma to Complete


Karma can certainly be a sticker at times! If Mr. or Ms. Soulmate hasn’t shown up, it could be because one or both of you have some sort of karma to complete before you meet up. If you haven’t met your soulmate, don’t be discouraged. He or she is out there somewhere, and when the time is right, you’ll meet.



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Amira Celon



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Amira Celon

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