12 Mar
Amanda's Journey
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amandatarot 002Amanda Hall is one of our most popular psychics, which is not surprising given she has well over thity years experience. She best known as a teacher of the tarot and has also created her unique set of cards to help beginners and experienced tarot readers to gain deeper insights into this amazing tool of wisdom. Find Your Psychic intervewed Amanda to gain some insights into this lovely lady -- 

What was your first psychic or spiritual experience? 

 My first Psychic experience was when I was 8 years old. After bring involved in a car accident and being bitten by a dog all in a couple of months, we had a kind neighbour Mr Smith who helped me overcome my fear of cars and dogs again, came to me in the middle of night to say good bye and told me I would be fine he would  always be there to look after me. The next day I learnt of his passing at the time he had visited me. I felt this was very natural to me and was not concerned when I spoke about it with my mother and family.



When did you know you had psychic abilities... tell us all little about your awakening: 

Amanda‘s Psychic Time Line: My Aunt who had the Gift of Sight – recognized my ability as a small child and encouraged me to develop my gift. She encouraged me to read the Tea Leaves and Playing cards, which was out little secret from the family who were very religious. I always read everything I could lay my hands on throughout my childhood and early teens. When I was in my late teens a friend of mine brought me my first set of Tarot Cards and then I found my true passion.



3)    What or who inspires you?


Lots of people have inspired me throughout my life and my extensive career now I would like to share this information with you. Two very special gentlemen who are no longer with us here on earth helped me develop my skills and encouraged me to take this gift even further. The Famous Clairvoyant-Astrologer Marc De Pascale and my husband Peter Hall they never stopped believing in I could do it all. They both encouraged me to follow my passion of sharing my knowledge with the public in Tarot & Astrology. Then in the early 1980’s.I commenced teaching Tarot in the Australian College System TAFE. This enabled me to write the Award Winning/produce – International Best Selling – Simply Tarot for Hinkler Books Australia with Jack Egerton who was the next amazing person to inspire to make this dream a reality of a Book, DVD & Tarot Cards that anyone could teach themselves Tarot with a step-by-step guide in their own time. This started many groups around the world. A dream comes true for me of people working with the Tarot and enhancing their lives in a positive way.



4)    Describe what a client would experience in a session with you.


What happens in a reading with Amanda?  I use the Simply Tarot Cards to open the channels and connect with your spirit guides and guardian angels.  The movie of your life will unfold in my 3rd eye so I can share with you all the exciting and important changes that are unfolding now and in the future. We all have free will and can change or improve what we don’t like. 


Found your Soul Mate? – Let’s check your compatibility with lover’s astrology now from your birth dates.  This increases your chances of the relationship growing and blossoming into a commitment. Astrology is ancient science still used today to help unlock the mysteries of life, love and purpose.  How do you know when you are in a Karmic relationship? Is it this a good or bad thing? They can be tricky relationships to be in. Well let’s look to the heavens for the answers and see what is written in your stars. 



5)    What do you see as the biggest obstacle to inner peace that you see or experience in your clients?


Every person I work with has unique and has different needs and tools to find inner peace. Most of us from time to time get caught up in our own emotions that prevent us from the answers to our life’s questions, with my tools like Tarot and astrology we can find direction together and then you can move on in a more positive way. 



6)    What inspired you to take up your profession?


Tarot cards had always been my dream tool to work with. I never thought I would be able to find a set to work with. As in my youth the ability to source products like this was very hard. So I was fortunate when I was given a set as a gift, in my late teens. Right from the beginning they felt right, I tried to read them with the little booklet that came with them, but that made no sense. So putting that to one side I just start working with the energy and the messages the card were sharing with me. The journey had begun with the Tarot, I could not put them down I read for anyone who was interested, they were a part of me. This passion grew with me and I went on to teach the Tarot and work with many people over the years through classes and correspondence courses, now we learn over the video skype from anywhere in the world.     



I had just commenced my journey with Astrology and joined a study group. I went along to the meeting- all excited and a little confused at where this would lead me. At my second meeting, I had completed my first Astrology Chart (my own). Then I met a very well-known Astrologer who took one look at my chart and asked “what was I doing here? I was bewildered at her question. She then went to explain to me I was a natural born Astrologer and I should commence my career in Astrology immediately. So I took her advice and started erecting Astrology Charts for my clients. They were astounded at what I could tell them. This helped them make life choices to improve their life in a more constructive way. The rest is history they say. That was over 30 years ago.


7)    If you have a message for the world, what would it be?


Follow your heart and you will never make a wrong turn in your life, because you are going with your natural flow of life. Always do what makes you happy. Live each day to the fullest and be true to yourself. 



To find out more about Amanda please visit her website:






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