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Written by Lesley Crossingham |
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So many of us are drawn to the mysteries of the universe, and that includes the ability to manifest or “wish” certain experiences into our lives. This method is called magic, which should not be confused with the conjurers tricks, but rather a deeper understanding of how to harness the energies of the universe to work with us, rather than against us.


One of the major magical ingredients of spells was the knowledge of lunar astrology. Everyone knows that the gravitational pull of the moon has an impact on the tides of the world, but it also has a profound influence upon the collective unconscious of our society.


I will be sharing some of these insights in this regular column.. beginning with the current heavenly realms and how to harness their energies to improve and balance our lives.


The most important element is the new moon. Each time we have a new moon there are energy seeds flowing down to Mother Earth from Grandmother Moon who is the wise crone of wisdom. This month we see Taurus in the heaven therefore we may want to include elements of that sign: patience, perseverance, loyalty, contentment, appreciation, dependability, self-worth, boundaries, money, possessions, ownership, sensual pleasures, physical comfort, awareness of personal needs and releasing stubbornness.


A sample wish might be:


“I easily find myself keeping my word and being a person upon whom others can rely:” A quality of loving patience and steady progress smoothly enters into every area of my life.” I easily find myself accomplishing my new goal of: (add your dream goal).


May’s new moon occurs on the 6th/7th of May but the first eight hours after the New Moon is exact and is the most powerful time for powerful wishing. But even up to 24 hours after will still work.



Lesley's new book on Wish Craft will be available soon!

Lesley Crossingham



Lesley Ann is a spiritual artist, an author of over twenty books, clairvoyant and spiritual teacher. She was awarded our Find Your Psychic Spiritual Author of the Year award for the past five years due to her many popular spiritual book titles. Lesley has also been voted International Spirit Guide Artist for the year, 2019


Lesley has written over twenty books, numerous magazine articles and many short stories. She has also created several recordings of her music and spiritual meditations. She introduced traditional Native American Indian drummaking to Australia in 1991 and continues to offer these workshops.

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Lesley writes for several magazines, including New Dawn where she contributes book reviews. You can also read her many book reviews on Amazon's website. Lesley has a journalism background and brings her many skills to writing articles on this site and many others.


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Lesley Crossingham