07 Feb
Psychic Update
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We are thrilled to announce all our winners in this year's

Peoples' Choice Awards for 2019!

award19 1.fw


 All the Psychics listed here on this website are verified spiritual psychics with many years of experience behind them. You can be sure that if you select any of them for a reading, you will be in good hands. The reason their talents are listed here is because you, the public, have voted for them over and over again. They are known for their amazing accuracy and high ethical standards. 

 International Psychic of the Year - 2019 - Amira Celon

Amira 19 1
Australia Psychic of the Year - 2019 - Amanda Hall
Award 19Amanda 1
United Kingdom Psychic of the Year - Elizabeth Francis
Elizabeth 19 1

Israel Psychic of the Year - 2019 - Batsheva Dor

Batsheva 19 1


Queensland Psychic of the Year - 2019 - Jeanette Jones

Award 19Jeanette 1


Victoria Psychic of the Year - 2019 - Fiona Ross

Fiona 19 1



International Spiritual Artist of the Year - 2019 -

Lesley Crossingham

lesley 19 1


Thank you for supporting all our psychics

and walking the path of light and spiritual growth!






Find Your Psychic is your eZine/directory for the best heart-based psychics, healers  clairvoyants and spiritual teachers.



Life can be stressful and very challenging and yet there are always opportunities to find happiness, contentment and meaning in our lives. This is where a genuine psychic can assist our journey by offering guidance from higher realms.


The key to a successful life is to go deeper into our own spiritual growth and understanding. This includes looking at your spiritual lessons in life. A genuine psychic can not only give you deep insights into your future, but also the spiritual lessons you have come here to learn. 


As each of us awakens and takes our first tentative steps along the spiritual pathway, talented genuine psychics and spiritual teachers and mentors can help us navigate those often confusing spiritual waters.


Find Your Psychic is offered in conjunction with The Circle of Stones eZine. Here we not only offer you listings on your favourite psychics we also upload various informative articles from heart-based spiritually motivated psychics who offer you the best information. These are not "sales" articles pressuring you into buying yet another crystal, or special workshop, they offer solace for your soul and wisdom to assist your pathway forward.


CIRCLE OF STONES ezines offer you indepth articles that give you insights into how you can embrace inner change, spiritual growth and most importantly, spiritual understanding. Life is a mystery and it is meant to be that way.. but we are all more than capable to embracing mystery and receiving its many gifts of inner power... enjoy your journey and know that you can rise above any difficulty or crisis you currently face.


Please enjoy!


The Editor....