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Amanda's Journey
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Well my journey began very young and I was always inquisitive about things people did not want to talk about for fear of being labelled mad or stupid.
I always craved to know more about the Psychic tools available to some and hidden from others.  I was fortunate enough to have an aunt who had the gift of sight and encouraged me to read and explore everything and anything about psychic and fortune telling that could be shared with me. Some I might say I did not understand at the time because I was too young, but now looking back I know my aunt knew on an intuitive level she did not have much time to share this with me as she would soon grow here wings and depart the planet and become one of my guiding spirit guides.
Over the early years of my life I explored many different tools, but my fascination and focus to work with Tarot & Astrology they just stood out and fascinated me the most. So that became my goal.  My first set of tarot cards were given to me quite young by a friend who purchased them in a regional town and brough them to me. We started to work with the little book that came with them and I felt disappointed and disillusioned they were so negative and sad. So, I put the book down and started to work with the energy I was feeling and the vision I was receiving. This felt right to me. That was a very long time ago.  I know that was the start of my Tarot Journey which lead me to trach and write books in this fascinating subject for al to share and learn. 
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The Astrology kept coming into my orbit until I decide ok let’s delve into this more deeply, well it was over whelming, exciting and ground-breaking how could the planets in our solar system hold such wisdom and answers to our lives here on earth. The more I studied the more hooked I became.That was over 40 years ago now and I still feel as if there is so much more I have yet to discover with Astrology.
During my lengthy love affair with all things Psychic I always worked with candles. I just loved the mystery of the flickering flame and the messages it had to share with me. I started to experiment with setting goals and writing them down and then lighting a candle while focusing on this and spending time with the candle and just focusing on the goals I had set. To my amazement I saw changes in my life and things were changing with my life and is was a direct result of the candles.  I continue over the year to work with many different combinations, fragrances, colours to find what work for different situations in my life.  This was a passion I need to understand more about, and would it work for other people? Well yes it did and that lead me to believe more in we can co-create our own destiny. 
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My Journey 
Tarot is my passion I just love the way the cards reveal their own secrets and information with us in way that gives us the wisdom to make better choices in life. Through my journey with Tarot I read at many events, taught many student the magic of Tarot. Then I teamed up with Hinkler Books for our very first Simply Tarot Kit back in 2005 which was an instant hit world-wide. Now we are up to our 4th set Secrets of Tarot.  All available worldwide and is a teach your self tarot kit. Great to learn at your own pace.  
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I have always continued to work with Astrology using this knowledge to help people understand what is going on in their world. This can help give us direction, bring families back together with understanding we are all different an important. Plus, it also gives us a glimpse at what is happening on a global stage and how it affects us. I wrote a coffee table style book Simply Astrology help you understand yourself, family, friends and lovers better in a simple easy way to digest and apply in your life.    
In 2016 my creative juices flowed again, and I created my very own Soy Candles in a range of 28. A soy candle for all occasions helping you change the course and direction of your life for the better through Intent- Purpose- Direction. The power of setting your intent in writing on a piece of paper and reading it out aloud and then placing it underneath your candle before lighting it and then sitting with your candle and looking into the flame and concentrating on your Intent – Purpose – Direction for as little of 10mins per day. Continue working with your candle until the desired results happen. In our range we have included  Tarot,  Astrology and Moon candles to enhance all your psychic work.
In 2017 my Psychic work took a new direction and I joined A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV where I host a weekly video show that views worldwide on numerous forms of social media. You can view this on my YouTube channel or Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/amandahallpsychicshow/.  -- or click on the button below:
Each week on the Amanda Hall Psychic Show we feature a Tarot Card of the week, Glimpse around the Universe with Astrology, feature a soy candle of the week. Plus, I perform 2 FREE Reading for our viewers around the globe. Hope you can join me.  


Amanda Hall

Amanda is a Tarot Expert/Master - Clairvoyant- Astrologer- Author who started reading the tarot when she was very young. Amanda designed a tarot course for the general public in  the early 1980's and was the first lecturer to teach a Higher Education Tarot Course at the Gold Coast Tafe College in 1992.


Amanda is the winner of this year's

Psychic of the Year for Australia 2019!


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She has also taught by correspondence for over 30 years. Amanda spent three years touring Australia with one of the country's largest exhibition companies, offering readings, lecturing and conducting workshops in the psychic arena, also staging her own Psychic expos and events. Her work included television interviews, talk back radio and regular newspaper and magazine columns.  In 2013 Amanda was inducted into the "Australian Psychic Hall of Fame" for her dedication to the industry spanning over 35 years by her piers and colleges.


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Amanda Hall