02 Dec
Yoga News!
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yoga 01You might be struggling with the latest types of yoga, but relax...help is coming.
The latest craze to sweet the world is called Yoga Nidra. It is the yoga of sleep. The chances are that you have already tried Nidra as part of your regular class. It is the final relaxation part of most yoga sessions and you can use it to ease insomnia and anxiety. This wonderful technique releases tension in all parts of the body and lets you float into a rejuvenating sleep.
So visit your local yoga centre to find our more about Yoga Nidra!




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Whilst there are many psychic mediums who can bring forth messages from loved ones and this can bring comfort, this is just the first step. The key to a successful life is to go deeper into our own spiritual growth and understanding.  


As each of us awakens and takes our first tentative steps along the spiritual pathway, talented genuine psychics and spiritual teachers and mentors can help us navigate those often confusing spiritual waters.


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