13 Jan
Psychic News!
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midnightI hope you like our new look!


Everyone at FYP-Alternative e-zine has worked very hard to get with the times and offer this brand new free-to-read e-zine. We will be tweaking and evolving as we go...but that’s life, isn’t it?



This month we have a contribution from James Van Praagh, who is listed on the directory.bwjamesvan
Many of you may have seen the Ghost Whisperer television series and not realised that James was instrumental in its reflection of spiritual truth. Please read James column in the BOOK and MOVIE REVIEWS section.
roseline1We are starting a new series of articles based on the true stories of how we awaken into our spiritual pathway.
Many of us go through life working, playing and loving, but not really thinking an awful lot about our spiritual path. There is usually an incident, either ill-health, an accident, the loss of a loved-one that awakens us out of this routine and makes us search for spiritual answers to our lives.
This month we have a lovely true story from Roseline Deleu. You may know Roseline from her many contributions to this site on Feng Shui and through her own site and blogs. Please read her very touching article in the LIFESTYLE SECTION
bwcassandraThe ever-wise Cassandra Eason has contributed several articles on rituals for the new year. Read her lovely article NEW YEAR MAGIC in the LIFESTYLE SECTION
elizfranbwAs we begin the year, it is time to look back at the magical solstice celebrations that occurred on December 21st last year.
British author and clairvoyant Elizabeth Francis has contributed a wonderful article on the history and overview of this significant date. The article was a little late because Elizabeth was caught up in the floods that have washed through Cornwall in the U.K. where she lives. Read Elizabeth’s article in HEART & SOUL SECTION
As we start the new year, we might be curious about what 2013 has in store for us all. Read the Astrological Insights section to get an idea about your star-signs journey for 2013. This article appears in NEW THOUGHT!
We have added a number of short snippet articles in News and Events and I have included my article on the Hopi Prophecies. As some of you know, I spent many years living and working with traditional people in Canada and the United States. During this time there was great speculation about these prophecies, so I have gathered the main points together for this article.
graylotusIf you eyes are not sore from all this reading, please browse our directory to find psychics, readers, clairvoyants and mediums near you. Our directory is being constantly updated, so you never know what is new unless you look...and finally we are starting to pull together our regular email newsletter. Please go to the front page and add your email address to the listing. This will ensure you never miss out on news events or new listings!!
lesleybwHave a blessed 2013 and remember that as we enter this new age, we can make it one of light or one of darkness.
It all comes down to how we approach life and how we embrace our opportunities...as with all spirituality, the answer always lies within.
As you go deeper into your soul, this year, follow your inner teacher, or your intuition. You will find youself drawn to the right spiritual teacher, clairvoyant or spiritual worker. If nothing seems to be happening, recognise that it is your time to sit quietly and allow.
Everything is already perfectly created for your journey. All you have to do is notice your messages and allow spirit to guide you along your pathway!




Find Your Psychic is your eZine/directory for the best heart-based psychics, healers  clairvoyants and spiritual teachers.



Life can be stressful and very challenging and yet there are always opportunities to find happiness, contentment and meaning in our lives. This is where genuine psychics can assist our journey by offering guidance from higher realms.


Whilst there are many psychic mediums who can bring forth messages from loved ones and this can bring comfort, this is just the first step. The key to a successful life is to go deeper into our own spiritual growth and understanding.  


As each of us awakens and takes our first tentative steps along the spiritual pathway, talented genuine psychics and spiritual teachers and mentors can help us navigate those often confusing spiritual waters.


Find Your Psychic is part of Circle of Stones eZine. We offer listings on your favourite psychics plus articles from heart-based spiritually motivated psychics who offer you the best information.


CIRCLE OF STONES ezines offer you indepth articles that give you insights into how you can embrace inner change, spiritual growth and most importantly, spiritual understanding. Life is a mystery and it is meant to be that way.. but we are all more than capable to embracing mystery and receiving its many gifts of inner power... enjoy your journey and know that you can rise above any difficulty or crisis you currently face.


Please enjoy!


The Editor....