02 Feb
Messages lost?
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mercury2Psychics bring many messages, but we may find these messages and other communications, such as letters, cards and phone messages get all of a tangle because Mercury has gone retrograde!!! So what does this mean?
A planet is described as being ‘retrograde’ when it appears to be moving backwards through the zodiac. It is, of course just an optical illusion that occurs because of the variable speeds of the planets as viewed from our planet Earth. 
From February 23 until March 18th planet Mercury will appear to be travelling backwards through water sign Pisces. In ancient mythology Mercury was the winged messenger of the Gods. He was able to move with ease from the divine to the Earthly realm at any time. He therefore forms a mystical bridge between the conscious and unconscious parts of the mind.
This retrograde occurs three or four times every year and it often means that communications go astray. You may experience delays with computer programs, relationship promises and lost mail. However you can also see this time as an opportunity to get your life back on track and gain some inner integrity. Tune in to your gut feelings, hunches or information that seems to randomy come your way. It is not a good time to start new projects but rather focus on completing those things you have pushed to one side. Spend more time dreaming or meditating and see what comes into your mind.
Mercury travels backwards through Pisces. Pisces is the sign of healing, creativity, psychic insight and compassion. Therefore if you are feeling stuck in these areas, as yourself or your angels to show you how to slow down, smell the roses, and create a beautiful life!!




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